• Panamarenko  - Nova Zemblaya

Price Sold

Measurement 40x45 cm

Print Origineel werk

Catalog number 0

Year of expenditure 1996

This pencil drawing, illustrates Panamarenko's initial dream to set course for Spitsbergen with his submarine "Panama Spitsbergen Nova Zemblaya", a steel colossus of over three tons. Finally the sea voyage never took place, but the submarine has turned out to be one of the icons of panamarenko's work.



"I once made a model of a whale and I was allready thinking at the time: a whale is in fact a heavy, square trunk, in which you can easely stand up straight.That would be perfect for a mini-submarine, because I don't need a huge model, but still one in which you can stand up straight, because at sea, it can take forever if you have to sit down all the time..."


The full-scale sculpture of this submarine is now part of the Cartier Foundation collection in Paris.

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